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For over 45 years, Ready Pac Foods has been a leader in offering the most innovative fresh food products to consumers around the world.

Ready Pac Foods Processing Facilities

4 Plants for North American Distribution
Including Regional Processing Capabilities

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Corporate Headquarters & Processing Facility

Irwindale, CA

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Processing Facilities

Florence, NJ
Swedesboro, NJ
Jackson, GA

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All locations are USDA Certified and QAI Organic-Certified

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You’re passionate about preserving the health of our planet – and we are, too. We take pride in operating a sustainable business where you can feel confident in your decision to choose Ready Pac Foods. This passion inspires us to continually enhance our sustainability practices.

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Recycling & Packaging

  • Our Bistro Bowl® Salads and clamshells are made with an average of 35% post-consumer recycled PET.
  • In 2018, nearly 90% of our total packaging materials were recyclable, composed of post-consumer recycled content, and/or responsibly sourced.
  • We are actively engaging suppliers to improve our packaging sustainability performance through innovation, and working with our customers and other industry stakeholders to promote more circular products.

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Energy & Utilities

  • Our processing and packaging systems use less water than a consumer would use to wash produce at home.
  • Our investment in and installation of an energy efficient cogeneration system at our Irwindale manufacturing plant will dramatically lower electricity consumption and our carbon footprint.
  • We reduced water consumption in our Florence, New Jersey facility by 25% in 2018 through raising employee awareness and investing in new control systems.
  • In 2018, we launched an energy conservation pilot program across our Irwindale office and plant, which we plan to roll out at all of our other locations through 2025.

Other Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

We believe that nature is our future. By responsibly delivering plant-based foods, it is our conviction that we can help solve the world’s growing environmental and social challenges. That’s why, for generations, we have been committed to producing high-quality, plant-based foods.

  • Our vendors and suppliers must agree to our Supplier Standards and Code of Conduct that set compliance requirements around labor, environmental responsibility, diversity, human rights and many other ethical business practices.
  • We continuously evaluate our transportation practices to deliver efficiencies and minimize our impact to the environment.
  • We have deployed a cross-functional waste management team whose primary objective is to identify the causes of food waste, institute and monitor organizational changes, and enhance food recovery across our facilities.
  • Donated nearly $1 million worth of meals to food banks and other philanthropic organizations to provide communities access to healthy and nutritious food.
  • Delivered more than 38,000 meals to relief organizations to help satisfy food needs in the wake of multiple hurricanes.
  • Organized World Cleanup Day events in all six of our U.S. facilities, raised over $90,000 for cancer research through employee-sponsored activities, and volunteered at California’s City of Hope’s Walk for Hope.

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