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Ready Pac Foods Brands and Private Label Brands

Ready Pac Foods has been giving people the freedom to eat healthier for more than 45 years as a premier producer of convenience fresh foods and fresh cut produce. We manufacture a complete range of products featuring fresh produce and protein under the company’s Bistro®, Ready Snax®, Cool Cuts® and elevĀte™ brands, as well as signature private label brands for our retail partners. Offerings include fresh-cut salads, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and complete meals that are available at food retailers primarily across North America. We work closely with our retail partners to help meet consumer needs and offer products that are consistent with current trends. Through strategic insights and data, we bring truly innovative products to the market.

International Reach

Fresh, healthy and convenient foods are in demand all over the world. Ready Pac Foods is reaching more consumers than ever before, offering our fresh products beyond North America, as far as Southeast Asia.


our-business-foodserviceFrom colleges to commissaries to restaurants, consumers are looking for options that are healthy and convenient. We offer a range of grab-and-go fresh food items, including produce, salads and prepared foods that are a great addition to any foodservice program.

Our Executive Chef and his team of food scientists work directly with foodservice operators to create fresh products that complement any program. We also collaborate with in-house chefs to develop products that are unique and innovative to the foodservice channel and enticing to consumers. Working hand-in-hand to create on-trend menu ideas that fit consumer need is how we remain a leader in foodservice programs.

Our fresh-cut bulk ingredients are perfect for use in all areas of foodservice, and we can create a variety of products ranging from ready-to-eat salads, toppings or ingredient for entrees.


Salad Bars & Deli Counter

Lunch hour has arrived and the salad bar is packed with consumers looking for a healthy lunch option. Our fresh-cut veggies are the perfect complement to any salad bar and our selection includes chopped peppers, onions, shredded carrots, pico de gallo and more. Our fresh-cut bulk ingredients are perfect for recipes, sandwiches and salads created on-demand behind the deli counter.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Satisfy your extra-large appetite with a savory sandwich made with our ingredients. Our deli program offers ready to use vegetables, shredded lettuce and other produce items that can turn a sandwich into a masterpiece.

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