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Salad Bistro Bowls On-the-Go

You are on-the-go, all the time. Good thing we’ve got a solution that will keep you going. Try our single-serve and multi-serve complete complete salads on the go…low in calories and developed by our in-house chefs, you’ll never think of fast food the same way.

"It's in the Bag" Salads

You’ve got dinner “in the bag” with Ready Pac’s gourmet salads. Easy, fast, and unbelievably good, our recipes will change the way you think about salads.

Simply Snacks

Welcome to a solution to your busy, hungry day. Simply Snacks such as our Ready Snax® are tasty and convenient, and all have fewer than 300 calories. Feeling great never tasted so good!

Certified Organic

Our focus on quality means we pay close attention to detail in growing our selection of organic salads. Grown in accordance with the strict standards set by the USDA, our products are certified by one of the leading independent organic certification organizations, Quality Assurance International (QAI).

Fresh Cut Fruit

Take the hassle and mess out of cutting fresh fruit? SWEET! Whether you are looking for a snack for yourself or a bowl everyone can enjoy, we’ve got the perfect, healthy treat.

Ready Veggies

Aren’t we all just wishing for a few more minutes in our day? Ready Veggies are the solution you’ve been craving. With our sides and specialties, you can eliminate the hassle of preparing a healthy meal for you or your family, and maybe even have a few minutes to sit down and relax. Imagine that!